World Economic Congress (WEC) is a unique, collaborative, and worldwide community and body engaged in broad-based reconstruction and empowerment of communities and nations in the economic (business, investment), social, and spiritual domains. The reality of communities having socio-economic self-determination is ushered among many as WEC makes opportunities for recovering wealth creation, dignity, and dominion available and accessible for all including the marginalised communities and groups.

WEC is driven by solution leaders, game-changers, .and multi-skilled experts inspired for integrated reconstruction in collaboration with business, public sector, communities and progressive groups.  Since its launch in November 2016, the reconstruction demands of communities heightened by COVID-19 have distinguished WEC as a critical frontline empowerment and transformation vehicle in Africa, going worldwide. WEC serves the participating communities through path-finding, coordinating and enabling the merit-based economic, social, civic, and spiritual/mental reconstruction projects undertaken by and for its members, communities and investing partners.

About WEC

The genes of World Economic Congress(WEC) quietly developed through various research, development and preparation stages among the Church, Business, Academia, Professions, Communities, and Public Sector from 1985,(for35years).

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