WEC has three operational pillars for the reconstruction, empowerment and transformation agenda, namely:

  • Societal/Members Engagement & Reconstruction Organs/Forums;
  • Customised Business Investment Projects/Worldec Holdings;
  • Technical Support Services/Secretariat

Societal/Members Engagement & Reconstruction Organs/Forums

KIAM Churches (Engagement) Foundation:

  1. Ministers Forum
  2. Prayer Forum

WEC Foundation Forums:

  1. WEC Global Summit
  2. WEC Global Business Chamber
  3. WEC Relief, Health & Development Forum
  4. WEC Ambassadors Forum

Africa Reconstruction Council – Forums for:

  1. Africa Reconstruction Leaders
  2. Africa Governance Rec. Leaders
  3. Africa Traditional Leaders
  4. Social Justice & Peace Forum – UN/Af
  5. Africa Local Reconstruction Communities
  6. Africa Disability Reconstruction
  7. Africa Reconstruction Returnees
  8. Africa Reconstruction Diaspora
  9. Africa Reconstruction Women
  10. Africa Reconstruction Youth Forum

Secretariat/Technical Support Services

  • Legal Counsel
  • Research & Documentation
  • Strategic Policy Planning, & Advocacy
  • Implementation & Monitoring
  • Membership & Partnership
  • Information/Communication
  • Administration & HR
  • Treasury/Finance
  • Education & Transformation
  • Strategic Capacity Building &Training
  • Enterprise Development
  • Collaboration, Relations & Chapters
  • Relief & Social Development

Business Investment Projects

Worldec Board & Mgt

  1. Investments Committee
  2. Legal Committee
  3. ICT Committee
  4. Finance Committee
  5. Audit Committee
  6. HR Committee
  7. Procurement Committee

Worldec Subsidiary Investments & J.Ventures

  1. Primary Business
  2. Secondary Business
  3. Tertiary Business

Africa Reconstruction Bank

Africa Reconstruction Investments Hub –

  1. Private Partnerships (PPs)
  2. Public-Private Partnerships [PPPs]
  3. WEC-Public Partnerships (WPPs]
  4. WEC-Private Partnerships [WPPs]
  5. Diaspora-Returnees Partnerships (DRPs)
  6. WEC-Diaspora-PublicPartnerships (WDPPs)
  7. WEC-Diaspora Partnerships (WDPs)
WEC Fund


Following the widely acknowledged modern-day collapse of standards in nation building and socio-economic order, WEC upholds and stands by dignified and sustainable reconstruction standards. To prevent a repeat of the pre-COVOD-19 inequitable world order that risked all sectors, countries, innocent communities, and households worldwide and in Africa, and to guarantee predictability and veracity of the next international and African order, WEC is drafting the International Reconstruction Covenant, and the Africa Reconstruction Charter for prospective discussion and adoption across all sectors by world bodies and African bodies respectively as guidance instruments for the next reconstruction. WEC expects to peg its own institutional and members’ standards, operations, and projects by the proposed Covenant and Charter from the point of adoption.

Societal/Membership Engagement Organs & Forums

WEC has principal Organs/Forums for Societal/Membership Engagement comprising three formations:

  • Churches (Engagement) Foundation:
    1. Ministers Forum – equipping the Church for the socio-economic mission.
    2. Prayer Forum – for divine empowerment.
  • WEC Foundation Forums:
    1. WEC Global Summit – Summits held in 2016, 2017, & a digital extraordinary Summit in 2020 during COVID-19.
    2. WEC Business Chamber – enables networking, safe collaboration, and capacity building for business opportunities.
  • WEC Relief, Health & Development Forum – played key role in disaster recovery and mitigation during Cyclone Idai.
  1. WEC Ambassadors Forum – now in the process of setting Ambassadors for South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Zambia, East Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, UK, EU, USA, Latin America.
  • Africa Reconstruction Council:
    1. Africa Reconstruction Leaders Forum – developing the Africa Reconstruction Charter, and Africa Master solutions.
    2. Africa Traditional Leaders Forum – traditional kingdoms engaging WEC for their economic development technical support
  • Social Justice & Peace Forum – Eminent Persons/Special Mission Ambassadors preparing for restitution engagements.
  1. Africa Local Communities Development Forum – they’re engaging WEC for their economic development technical support.
  2. Africa Reconstruction Diaspora Forum – supporting win-win capacity building, projects, re-integration, and reconstruction.
  3. Africa Reconstruction Women’s Forum – addressing capacity building and mainstreaming of women in all projects.
  • Africa Reconstruction Youth Forum – addressing capacity building and mainstreaming of youth in all projects.

The Forums are led by Management Committees (working like panels of experts) whose Chairs are reviewable every 3 years. The Chairs of Forums also make up the Board of Directors of WEC Holding Company (known as Worldec Holdings [Pvt] Ltd).

Except for the WEC Global Summit which meets annually except in emergencies, the Forums meet bi-weekly for capacity building, networking, and reviewing priorities under their auspices. Forums hold most of the meetings digitally due to distance as well as COVID-19, while they feed as well as engage opportunities and needs into and from both the Technical Secretariat and Worldec Holdings.

Secretariat: Technical Support Services
Business Investment Projects: Worldec Holdings (PLC)

About WEC

The genes of World Economic Congress(WEC) quietly developed through various research, development and preparation stages among the Church, Business, Academia, Professions, Communities, and Public Sector from 1985,(for35years).

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