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During the present worldwide challenges of protectionism, unethical/unreliable, unsustainable and collapsing models of investment and economies, and societal development that have led to class-based gaps in wealth opportunities, employment ratios, food supply, healthcare, gender, knowledge, communities, WEC is the rare answer to these challenges. The WEC model is patient, thus emphasising, building and providing an environment of high-impact systems of taking initiative, participation, building relationships, capacity and resilience, collaboration, team-work, integrity, community, equity, professionalism, multi-culturalism, innovation, local development, and a balanced mix of local and international opportunities.

Participants and business and social investors who plant into or through the WEC community and its multi-sector investment opportunities therefore find themselves located in a safe value-chain of fertile and ever-growing environment suitable for long-term belonging leading to primary, secondary, and tertiary businesses and social developments, as well as high guarantees of social and business returns.


About WEC

The genes of World Economic Congress(WEC) quietly developed through various research, development and preparation stages among the Church, Business, Academia, Professions, Communities, and Public Sector from 1985,(for35years).

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