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The KIAM podcast is the genuine podcasting channel for the dissemination of the Apostolic/Prophetic word of Dr Alexander Chisango for Churches and Leaders ; Governments and Nations ; Industries, Businesses and Networks ; Families and Individuals. For Divine Architectural Dissemination: To Align , Recalibrate, Reform and Restore Humanity and all systems of life into the Eternal , Unshakable , Immovable Kingdom of God , System of Systems.
  1. Rallying the Elders, Fathers, Wise-men and Craftsmen

  2. The Kingdom and this world - part 3

  3. The Kingdom and this world - part 2

  4. The Kingdom and this world - part 1

  5. Going forward from Now - part 4C

About WEC

The genes of World Economic Congress(WEC) quietly developed through various research, development and preparation stages among the Church, Business, Academia, Professions, Communities, and Public Sector from 1985,(for35years).

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